Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fighting this aging business

I am attempting to fight this aging business. Sometimes I feel like I am winning - I actually have muscles right now from six months of going to the gym, I don't color my hair and have very few gray ones so far (and am happy to gloat about this fact), my wrinkles are minimal, and I don't think I look my age yet.

But then if you look at my medical file, you would think I was twice my age (which is a number that is none of your business). Before digital medical records came into play I had one of those thick files which could be used as a door stop. Now my doctors have to look through MANY appointment notes to find out what is going on. Sometimes I think they get lost in my medical file the way I sometimes get lost in Google.

I was reading an article about heart attacks waiting to happen and can say with some level of certainty that will not be me. But then I didn't expect cancer either.

Getting old isn't for sissies. Well I'm not a sissy by any stretch of the imagination (unless there are crawly things in the bathtub or bears outside the tent while camping or the doctor says 'you might feel a pinch') and I don't plan on wimping out either.

I'm not sure I am aging gracefully but I plan on having fun while doing so. What's life if you aren't having fun? This aging business just interferes from time to time.

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