Thursday, August 4, 2011

Living a double life

Some people who know me think I have a bad back, tennis elbow, shoulder problems, bad knees, am mildly accident prone, and have lots of doctor appointments. Other people who know me know that I have had cancer, bad back, tennis elbow, lymphedema shoulder/arm, bad knees, am mildly accident prone, and have a lot of doctor appointments...

Am I leading a double life in that some people who know me don't know about the little bitty cancer issues? I really don't think so. I just think its none of their business. Do you know the entire medical history of everyone you know? I doubt it. Its none of your business either.

So why do I find myself telling people about my cancer issues? I wonder about this. But it often comes to my job working at a cancer support center, it sometimes becomes pertinent and I tell people about my cancer. But I do feel weird about it. Afterwards I often think 'why did I do that?'. But once its out there, you can unsay it. Maybe I don't care as much any more. Maybe its because I work where it is relevant.

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The Big C and Me said...

I struggle with whether or not to "tell," but you know, cancer is woven into my world now and it doesn't seem right to omit mentioning such a major player. Ya know? So I totally relate!

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