Friday, August 5, 2011

Another one of those thingies

Its a thingy. Actually its a benign breast lump. I have had two. One when I was 22 and one at the end of chemo. Both times, 'with my medical history they had to be sure' and they were taken out. Once they were gone, I never gave them much thought. I mean, benign and removed, what more is there to think?

Well, now I find out that there are two kinds of them - simple which are nothing and complex which can indicate a higher risk of getting breast cancer. Now the problem is I have no idea if I had simple or complex ones. I think it will be relatively easy to get the results of the biopsy from the later one but not from the one in 1984. So what do I do now? Pretend it didn't happen and has no bearing on my current and future health? Decide that even if it was complex and I have already had breast cancer it doesn't really matter?

It is very frustrating when later medical advances allow them to tell us more about previous medical tests, procedures, and other fun medical 'adventures'. There should be a way to take your old test results and reanalyze them easily to figure out their impact. Frustrating.

In the meantime they are just thingies that we can ignore so they don't stress us out.

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