Friday, August 12, 2011

Another must see movie

I now have two cancer movies I want to see 'Dying to Do Letterman' and '50/50'.
Dying to Do Letterman is a documentary and is out selectively in theaters. They are trying to raise money to show it nationally. I blogged about it recently but here I am blathering on about it again. I also just found out they are going to have a book out in October so I may have to settle for that.

I saw the trailer for '50/50' a couple of months ago. Now it is now being screened at some theater in LA and since I live on the East coast I'll have to wait until its released on Sept 30. Originally another blogger wrote about it and said it was his life with his room mate... Its not about him but a true to life version of life with cancer. And it had a very good review in Cure Magazine - which is another reason for wanting to see it. (If you have cancer and don't read Cure Magazine, you should.)

I also want to see 'The Help' and did finally see the last Harry Potter movie.

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