Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dr Google or what

So I have written about googlechondria recently. We are all victims of it. Our mind takes over our fingers and we google away until we are sure we have stage IV brain cancer or the bubonic plague. Then we go to our doctor and they look at our symptoms, listen to our complaints (whines), and give us a diagnosis and treatment plan.

But what about if there needs to be a little more? What if the patient self educates and asks a panel of experts for their thoughts?

Take a look at I know the video is long - 10 minutes - but at the end it directs you to CancerGrace where you can ask a panel of experts about your cancer questions. I think this is very cool.

My problem is then to remember about this site so that if (when) I have cancer questions again, I can go ask them there. That may be beyond my chemo brain's ability to remember anything.


Anonymous said...

PLEEZE "HELP ME" For Christ sake

Megan Stengel said...

So true! There comes a point when you google things (especially medical or health related) where you have to really decide what is true and what's not. It's great to be able to have a real panel of experts to "google" with questions.

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