Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cancer secrets

I didn't know cancer has secrets but apparently it does and no one knows what they are (which is why they are called secrets). What is now important is that we know that cancer does have secrets - things we do not yet understand.

In this article (which is very technical and discusses thinks like lincRNA, microRNA and psuedogenes so it requires more than one cup of coffee to completely decipher and leaves me at the end of reading it with the secrets to me start at what the heck are those) discusses some of the progress in deciphering the secrets of cancer and how they are now focusing on 2% of the genome. (Its lots of science and biology so read it if you are ready.)

I think there are lots of secrets involved in cancer. Start with why did I get it? Why can't you make it go away for good? Why do you have to make me so sick in chemo to make me better? And let's end with why can't I get my life back after cancer?

Once they answer those questions and process the important 2%of the genome, maybe they'll have a cure.


BreastCancerSisterhood.com said...

The big secret is that even the scientists don't understand the secrets. Don't expect to get back on the same track you were on before breast cancer, but make room for a new one. With all you've been through, you've gained a new perspective on everything. Perhaps you can choose to take those things that work for you and build on them & let the ones that aren't good for you drop by the wayside. Become the new woman you're meant to be, the strong woman who can do anything.

WhiteStone said...

One thing is for certain to a cancer patient...a cancer diagnosis is the beginning of a long process of learning. Sigh!

Michelle said...

My wife has improvements in her cancer with a natural therapy called Light Axis Healing. hope this helps thanks. Cancer has too many "secrets" i agree.

Unknown said...

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