Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm aggravated

Or maybe I am irritated. I'm not sure. It may be a case of reused 'not-so-new' news. Last night I was watching the evening news and there was a 'Medical Minute' on that said that there are issues with taking Aromatase Inhibitors after breast cancer. I didn't catch the whole thing and wanted to go see it again online and I CAN'T FIND IT!

The topic was something about the benefits vs. the toxicity of the AIs and their prevention of a recurrence vs. Tamoxifen. I am all confused. I am on an AI. If its toxic I want to know. If its not helping me I would like to know. I don't go back to my oncologist for a bit and would like to educate myself in the meantime to figure this one out.

The media has the habit of rehashing 'not-so-new' news when they need to so this may not even be something that hasn't been discussed 10,000 times before. But I would like a little confirmation here.

I will be either aggravated or irritated or both in the meantime.


Renn @ TheBigCandMe said...

Hi Caroline:

This study may be what you're talking about... "Toxicity of aromatase inhibitors may explain lack of overall survival improvement"

Here's a link!

Caroline said...

Yes that's it! Thank you.

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