Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things that confuse me

There are things in this world that confuse me. Maybe my mind can't quite comprehend everything and other people understand everything, but I walk around confused at times.

- Why do celebrities and sports figures get to 'over come' cancer and return to their normal lives and the rest of the world get labeled as survivors and victims?

- This brings me to my next level of confusion - why do people with cancer have to be survivors and people who don't make it become victims? Um, we are people and patients and those of us who don't make it are not victims.

- Why is there still so much unknown about medicine and cancer? I mean these have been known for generations but there is so much that are mysteries. Have we been researching in the wrong direction? Or have researchers been given the wrong instructions? It is my understanding that researchers follow very strict guidelines - they are told 'find out this'. Are we not telling them to find a cure for cancer and the common cold?

- Medical breakthroughs always seem to have some sort of caveat when published in the media. I mean obviously a cure for the common cold is not going to cure a broken finger. But they always say 'further tests are needed' or 'this is still in the development stages but looks like a promising lead'? We need more breakthroughs that say 'this will save 1,000,000's each year.

- Why does the cure sometimes have to be worse than the disease? Ask anyone who has been through chemo about this one.

That's enough confusion for one morning. I think I need coffee.

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ButDoctorIHatePink said...

I always called myself a cancer patient instead of a "Survivor." It takes a long time to know if you are going to survive cancer. And, now that I'm stage IV and will not survive it, I certainly can't call myself that. But, people keep trying to tell me I am. I hate the language changes. Nothing is certain in medicine!

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