Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally someone sensible when faced with cancer

I have always been overwhelmed by the stupidity of normal people when they hear the word cancer when referring to other people. They either turn into loud mouth idiots spouting uneducated and therefore unwanted advice, or they run for the hills and pretend the person with cancer no longer exists. I'm not saying everyone does this but an amazingly large number do. I'm not sure which is worse - the ones who run for the hills or the ones who give the bad advice.

But now we have an example of a person who is sensible and sensitive enough to ask 'what should I do to help my friend who is faced with cancer' and even wrote in to Annie's Mailbox. Basically the answer comes back as:

- treat them as you normally would
- expect a little more reticence than normal
- don't offer advice and try not to be patronizing 'I know how you must feel...'

And I like this reply. People with cancer are exactly that - PEOPLE with an ailment. Do you treat a friend with the flu any differently than one with cancer? You shouldn't.

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helpformymom said...

I am praying a few of God's angels will help my mom get the vacation she truly deserves!

My mom is a 53 year old woman who lives in Hilo, HI. She is a single parent raising 3 teens alone. She is the best person in the world. She is always optimistic and faithful in God no matter how hard her life gets. She has always been there for us and I really want to reward her because I feel her work goes unappreciated sometimes.

In 2008 her husband (our dad) passed away from a massive heart attack. Then my mom was laid off from her job and her mother (our grandma) passed away. The following year my mom lost her house and in 2011 was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Because she goes for regular mamogram screenings (once a year) the cancer was caught early. However, her's was more rare, it was tripple negative, which is common amongst younger and African American woman. It was stage 1 b, and my mom opted to have a mysectomy to be sure it doesn't come back. She also had to go through a year full of grueling chemo therapy on another island and had to fly back and forth.

I really am praying you will find it in your heart to help my mom. She truly is the best person in the world. Through all her struggles and difficulties, she is still optimistic, happy, and bright. She is a firm believer in Jesus Christ and it's only because of him that she got through all of this. She is now a breast cancer awareness advocate.

To donate:

I really appreciate all your donations and help! My mom is the best person in the world! Thank you so much and God bless!

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