Monday, June 11, 2012

The price we pay

I went off for a good weekend of volunteering, helping a worthy cause. But now I am paying the price. Sunburn. Oops. A big oops. My face is feeling a little crispy. I did put sunscreen on and wear a hat, most of the time. Well sunscreen all the time and the hat most of the time. But I was outside a lot.

I will just hope it fades away by Friday when I have my annual physical. I have to focus this week and come up with a list of ailments and issues to discuss. It won't be a short list because nothing related to my health is ever uncomplicated. My health is never uncomplicated. Mostly because with my history they need to be sure (blah, blah, blah).

But it was a good weekend and it helped a worthy cause. Except for the blister I got too.

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jennifer kesler said...

Hello from yet another fellow survivor! I have just started following your blog...thank you for writing! I look forward to reading more..


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