Friday, June 8, 2012

Here fishy, fishy, icky

I will not be blogging tomorrow and Sunday because I will be off doing a worthy cause (and a note to all you potential burglars out there, the cat, backed up by my husband, will remain at home). This weekend I am volunteering at the MA/RI Casting for Recovery retreat.

This will be my 4th retreat, third one as a volunteer. Casting for Recovery provides fishing retreats for women with breast cancer. The participants are given the opportunity to learn a new skill and to experience the benefits of a retreat with other women coping with the same disease. If you have or had breast cancer, I urge you to check it out. Its free to participants and there are retreats all over the country as well as some overseas. Its a great experience even if you never fish again.

But getting involved in this has created a problem. In my opinion, fish are slimy when fresh out of the ocean. So I guess its a good thing I haven't caught a fish yet.

My grandparents were avid fly fishers. They would go on vacation to key fishing spots in the eastern US and Canada. I remember my grandmother taking me fishing when I was little. I did not used to mind fish and bait, etc. The sliminess factor was not a problem. Besides I could always convince a sibling or my mother it was better if they did it for me.

My brother, sister, and I used to bottom fish with worms. At some point I decided worms were icky and stopped that. We would sometimes troll off the boat and catch mackerel or other fish for dinner. I never really liked taking hooks out of fish. And they were slimy.

So I have relearned to fish and have even learned to fly cast to an extent. But I am very grateful I have not caught anything, yet.That is always a possibility ever time I go fishing.

So this year I am off for another retreat with my fly rod and reel. And a fishing license. What if I catch a fish? And have to touch it? Ick.

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