Friday, June 29, 2012

So how was my day? Lovely, I think.

I went into Boston for a seminar on grant research yesterday morning. I memorized the address but since I have chemo brain I thought I would write it down on a little piece of paper as well. But didn't bring the phone number because my phone only works when plugged in - hence its lost its mobility.

I left about 15 minutes later than I wanted because I got side tracked on the evil internet. Traffic was backed up for a good ten minutes to get into the parking garage. So I used that time to look at a map to remind myself of where I was going downtown.

I ran to get the train and when we got downtown I walked very fast to get to the seminar. It wasn't there. There wasn't a #55. There was a 47 and a 63 with a parking lot in between but no 55. After looking around and realizing the seminar would not be held at the parking lot, I looked at my little piece of paper and realized I was on the wrong street.

So I rushed to the seminar again, hoping I wouldn't be late, and when I got there, it was very empty - because it didn't start for another 30 minutes. So I took a seat in a crappy chair and got caught up on some reading. My back did not like the crappy chair and started letting me know very quickly. the chair actually looked pretty comfortable but it didn't have the support my needy back requires. I quickly opted for the pain pill option in hopes that I could suck it up and last through the day.

So I sat in the crappy chair for my extra  half hour of stupidity and through 2 1/2 hour seminar and my back really hurt at the end. Then I did research in the library for another 1 1/2 hours on another crappy chair. My back was not happy. Then I took the subway back to my car and it sat underground for a while on a slant which made my back hurt more.

Then I went to the AT&T service center to remobilize my mobile phone where they told me it would be 30-45 minutes before they could even look at my phone. I took a seat in another crappy chair. After 30 minutes of 'patiently' waiting, they called me. 1.5 hours later I finally got a new phone during which time I told them I was losing my patience as everyone else was gone long before me and most  repairs took about 10 minutes. I took another pain pill somewhere in there but my back really hurts.

I made a quick stop at the store to get dinner because I wanted to make a nice one for my husband who is having a tooth pulled this morning and will be on soft food for a while. I got home after 5. I then tried my handyman skills to figure out why the dishwasher won't drain. Leaning over into the dishwasher was not good for my back either. I needed ice and alcohol to recover. We'll call a repair person tomorrow.

Lunch? You will note there was no mention of eating anywhere during my day. I had some cheese and crackers when I got home to round out the two pain pills I had earlier - does that count?

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