Saturday, June 30, 2012

Health care reform

Of course I need to offer my opinion on the health care reform act. Now that we can stop arguing about whether its legal or not - or you can feel free to disagree with the Supreme Court but I just want the arguments to stop that I can hear.  Whatever your opinion about the law, its a law and we have to live with it until someone comes along who wants to have it retracted or changed.

I'm not calling it perfect by any stretch but I do like it because it represents change to the health care system. The health care system is broken. We all know horror stories about people who couldn't get care, or went bankrupt trying to get care, or lost their insurance for some reason and then got very ill.

Insurance companies are making health care decisions based on their statistics instead of letting doctors make decisions based on what is needed for the patient. People use emergency rooms instead of primary care doctors and often wait until they are very sick to get treatment. If they had insurance they might have gotten wellness care where the ailment could be prevented or caught early so medical bills will be less.

People may not realize the importance of health insurance until they get a nasty ailment, have a car accident, or need surgery. Then they find out they really need it.

So unless someone else has a bright idea on how to fix the health care system now that we will all have insurance we are stuck with this plan for now.

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