Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mammograms and statistics

The AMA has said (finally) that yearly mammograms should start at age 40. Back in 2009, some group of rocket scientists recommended they start at age 50 for women with normal risk factors. That started a big 'To-Do' and everyone (and their brother) had an opinion. They have joined the ranks of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; the American College of Radiology; the American Cancer Society; the National Cancer Institute; and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network who also say 40, unlike the rocket scientists.

So maybe the AMA is a bit slow here but its nice to see them on the bandwagon with everyone else promoting something that's common sense.

Especially since it has been learned that women who work night shifts are between 30 and 40% more likely to get breast cancer. This last set of statistics proves two things:

1. Lots of things cause breast cancer so we all have a higher risk and therefore all women really need the mammograms.
2. It is possible to reach analysis paralysis with breast cancer statistics, just like any other kind of statistics.

That's enough for today. I'm going to the beach.

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