Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm feeling very healthy these days

In fact I'm feeling as healthy as a horse on the way to the glue factory. It seems every ailment I have had in recent years (except cancer) has come back to haunt me. You name it - sprained ankle - check, sore knee - check, tennis elbow - check, bursitis hip - check, sore back - check, lymphedema - check. I feel awesome - ouch, owie, yow, every time I move.

I had my annual physical last week and the consensus is I'm not going to die of any known cause anytime soon. But I have to wear my wrist brace day and night for a month to see if my tennis elbow/possible carpal tunnel will quiet down. I also had an ankle x-ray to see if I really or only slightly redamaged my ankle. I need to talk to my pain doctor about more injections for my bursitis. And I need a fasting blood test in the next couple of weeks.

I'm feeling so healthy that with record high temperatures forecasted for today, I am going hiking with some friends this morning. How smart is that?

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