Thursday, June 14, 2012

Talking back to your doctor

I can do that. Ask anyone who knows me, I can talk back to just about anyone on anything. And tomorrow is my annual physical so I found this article about talking back to your doctor very a propos (how's that for a fancy word this early in the morning).

I also usually (try to) know when to keep my mouth shut but when it comes to my doctor I do like to make my opinion known. She does know prefer no surgeries, no prescriptions, and no medical 'adventures' unless really needed.

A few months back medical societies came out with all these recommendations on unnecessary tests and procedures - decisions which I applaud. However it turns out that notmuch has or is going to change:

'Another reason doctors I interviewed told me is that the medical associations' recommendations have no legal standing. These doctors said they can be sued for not screening properly if their patient has a heart attack or some other untoward event. And sheer inertia is also a powerful factor in preventing reform; the test is performed because "this is what we have been doing for years."'

This means it is up to the individual patient to speak up and question why tests and procedures are ordered. I know why I get an annual chest x-ray - there's a thingy that has been well watched in my lungs for more than 30 years. It gets an annual photograph. I also get annual blood tests for cholesterol, thyroid, and all that other stuff our blood tells us. If the doctor wants anything else, she needs to have a good reason.

So I will go armed with my list and expectations and be ready to talk back.

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Cindy Vine said...

I think going with a list of questions is an excellent idea. I find if I don't get told enough by the doctor, I go home and do research on the internet and that isn't always good!

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