Saturday, October 5, 2013

An update on me

Its a blog about me so every so often I write about me. So if you are expecting something profound about the state of the world or cancer research, you can stop reading now.

I had a fun summer with lots of vacation time. In fact my job finds amusement in how much time off I have been taking. It has been enjoyable but exhausting. I am now at the point of recovering from fun.

I took a six week doctor appointment hiatus and now am back to the grind. I had four this week. I saw the dermatologist who trimmed a thingy on my face that didn't look suspect but had bled this summer for a while. She burned a wart (icky poo) on my toe which left me with a giant blood blister (triple icky poo) on my toe so I couldn't wear shoes.

I saw my periodontist and my teeth are fine but I need to floss more - now there is a surprise.

I saw my rheumatologist and there is some progression in RA in my feet. She prescribed using metatarsal pads in my shoes (which is hard when you are reduced to sandals because of the triple icky blood blister). She also gave me an NSAID cream for the inflammation in my feet to use twice a day.

Because it is me, guess how had a reaction to lotion on my feet? (Only I would have a reaction to something like that because I am special.) I started using it Tuesday night. Then I started not getting enough sleep. Last night I put it on my feeet and was trying to get to sleep when I realized by heart was racing, my body felt all antsy. On the advice of my husband (sometimes I listen to him to make him think I always listen to him), I took a shower and scrubbed my feet and got back in bed.

I slept for 12 hours after that. My husband says he will remind me of that all day - personally I think he is jealous that I got so much sleep and he probably woke up at 6 like he always does. But I feel much better today and think I will skip that cream until Monday when I can call my doctor.

My blood work had some issues that are under advisement at this time - this means wait and see and take more blood in a couple of months. No tumor markers or anything but other things which could indicate things. This means I am ignoring them until I learn more after the next rounds of test results.

I am also busy getting ready for some craft fairs with my knitting this fall. The cat turns 19 - he may need a birthday party. My husband is one of those many furloughed government workers so we are not spending money on anything. We did want to go to the beach today with our parking pass but I overslept.

My garden is winding down but my dahlias is still blooming. That is not a dahlia in the picture but another flower that was blooming last week.

See it was a blog post about me but I am fine mostly and tomorrow I'll try to be more profound.

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