Monday, October 28, 2013

I needed a time out

My  life has been a little crazier than normal recently. Both my parents have had health issues. My health has been its usual (un)cooperative self meaning if its not one ailment its another which speaks up and ruins my day. It is craft fair season and I am actually trying to make some money selling my knitted and crocheted projects at them. I am in the middle of a huge paid volunteer project with a very strict deadline. And I never seem to get enough rest.

I needed a time out. I also thought my husband had been a bit neglected and wrapped up in his own stuff as well - at least he is healthy.

We ran away for the day. Yes it is October. But we went to the beach...

It is one of our favorite things to do - or at least my favorite. We woke up to rain but it cleared out and we had a clear blue sky. We got there for low tide. I found a nasty piece of broken glass and threw it out. I found a nice big whole sand dollar and gave it to a little girl who ran off to show her parents.

I saw a big piece of drift wood that looked like it was part of a very old ship wreck which surfaces periodically on the beach.

I waded in the ocean - it was a little cool.

Then we went out for an unhealthy meal of fried seafood.

But I really needed it.

I came home and got some of my volunteer work done. We had a light but healthy dinner and went to bed early. Today I feel a lot better mentally. I needed a time out.

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