Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is Pinktober less Pink this year?

I know I have seen a fair number of pinkified items - my mother was horrified to find her newspaper printed on pink paper earlier this month. There is an absolutely horrible and disrespectful pink ribbon Halloween costume - a clear example of pinkification. I have read many articles on local events for breast cancer. I have heard of a few buildings lit up in pink. I have been approached by fewer people to participate in pinkness.

But it seems like less pink than in the past.

Anyone else?

I sincerely hope that the peak of pinkification and pinkwashing has passed. The rise and fall of the Komen organization I am sure had an impact on it. The message of overdone awareness may be finally getting through.

I mean we have had a fair number of distractions this month that is supposed to be for breast cancer and liver cancer awareness thanks to all the idiots in Congress - both parties. (I do not usually comment on politics here but at this point all members of Congress are idiots for their insistence on 'my way or the highway politics'. That is the extent of my political statement today.) Also the roll out of the Affordable Healthcare Act has been a disaster due to the website issues. 

These may have sucked the headlines away from pinkification. I have also had a fair number of personal distractions on top of everything else.

I would be very glad to see the end of pinkification. So I hope I am not the only one to feel this way.

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