Thursday, October 10, 2013

Staying pink means staying positive

This has now been decoded. I don't think so.

Fellow blogger, Katherine O'Brien, wrote to Good Morning America recently about the pinkification of the set and show, which I think was Monday but I could be wrong. She asked about why there was no mention of metastatic breast cancer and it was all about awareness. They wrote back:

"The focus of today's report was breast cancer awareness and the visual affect to highlight the need for more research."

"A patient's positive attitude is beneficial in any medical process."

We are supposed to think positive and the world will be full of sunshine and roses and kittens or something.

Katherine made a great video on this which due to my technical skills I can't upload here that you should watch as she does a wonderful job in making her point.

Pink doesn't help. And the TV station needs sensitivity training.

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