Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Passports should be required for Cancerland

Cancerland should require passports, visas, and planning. Its a strange world of different cultures, languages, and mystery. The never ending wait until the next scan, procedure, adventure. We'll wait and see what the next tests show and then decide on the next steps. I have tried to describe it before but never come close. This is the absolute best description of life in cancerland in the hospital I have seen:

"At diagnosis, incomprehensible words resound — HER2-positive, stromal, non-small cell, BRAF, astrocytoma, myeloma, lymphoma, sarcoma— followed by equally baffling prescriptions of drugs that have two names. Hours are badly spent waiting in interior reception areas, near stunned people in wheelchairs and dazed fish aimlessly swimming in a tank beneath a television (perpetually tuned on to a dismal news channel).

After a bed is assigned for some necessary procedure, most slip on skimpy robes — the snap type impossible to snap, the tie type impossible to tie. Why are they constructed so as to gape and expose the naked front or back without providing warmth against the polar climate? "

Read the whole thing here and then you might have a clue if you have never been there.

This is what life in cancerland while at the hospital. The problem is you never really get to leave it once treatment ends.

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