Friday, January 17, 2014

A Recovery Day

This has been a chaotic week. I am exhausted. Why you ask? I worked and attempted to be a normal person. Monday I worked until 130 and went for a 90 minute walk with a friend. Tuesday I worked until 130 and went to the gym and then got my hair cut. Wednesday I drove my father to a doctor appointment, worked for 5 hours, picked him back up, and went to the grocery store. Thursday I worked from 8 until 2 and was very tired driving home.

When I got home from work yesterday, I took a nap until dinner. (My husband was happy to let me keep sleeping but the DAMN cat wanted food and wouldn't leave me alone.) Then I got up and cooked and ate dinner and went back to bed.

I did read for a little while but I was asleep by 830 and woke up at 7. I did sort of wake up a couple times in the middle of the night. But mostly slept through it. The DAMN cat again needed me to get up and feed him. So I did get up, feed him, make lunch for my husband, go back to bed.

I do have plans for today but they allow for a lot of down time. My goals are:
- return two library books before they become over due
- get my blood work dealt with
- get Walter's prescriptions dealt with
- make dinner for tonight as my parents are coming over - all of it is made ahead and they will leave early and I can go to bed early again.
- catch up on bad tv watching - the TIVO is pretty full.
- catch up on knitting which bad tv watching
- maybe take a nap
- go to the gym

I will not go to work. I will not run around all day. My errands will take my three stops and except for the time spent at the gym, they will take about 45 minutes.

It was a stressful week at work dealing with technical support issues, new computers, and lots of marketing that is my real job.

Its a recovery day. My body does not handle too much work and running around any more. So it is a recovery day. Herbal tea with my feet up sound good.

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