Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Amanda - you left a legacy

I learned about Amanda yesterday. She was Canadian. She was a goth. She has a brother named James. She hadn't talked to her mother for five years. I know a few little scraps about her because she tweeted her life @TrappedAtMyDesk.

Yesterday morning I read this article on The Meta Picture:

Then I went to Twitter and looked up @TrappedAtMyDesk and read her tweets. All 169 of them. Go do that.

Then this morning I went back and found this video on Twitter.

It is one of the most powerful videos I have ever watched.

Finally I found this blog post by the creator of the video on the life we leave behind.

One of her last tweets was:

Don't spend time being angry at people. Forgive them. Life is entirely too short.

She left a legacy.

For the naysayers who said people with cancer shouldn't use social media? You are stupid and narow minded. Look what you could have learned.

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