Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We do know the principle for computers 'garbage in, garbage out'. But it also applies to people. If you eat bad food, you are not treating your body like the temple it should be. And you will pay the price. I was brought up eating right. I usually try to eat right. I skip the junk food but sometimes succumb to popcorn based snacks - Smartfood or Cracker Jack (still has prizes but they are pretty lame these days compared to what I got as a child - temporary tattoos and stickers are nowhere near as cool as a little car or doll). Lots of fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I even spring for organic. I smuggle vegetables into my husband's diet regularly to the point that he accuses me of being unable to make something unhealthy. He tells me I always make whole wheat, vegetables, and nothing decadent. I even exercise five days a week. (I'm not saying that just because I do all this you should to and you will be healthy - I mean look at my medical history just to negate the whole point I am trying to make.)

There are countless books out on how to eat healthy and live a healthy life. But really the point is, society can't afford to keep patching up the damage people do to their bodies by eating badly. But the point is we all need to try to eat right and exercise. Mrs. Obama wouldn't need to target the issue of childhood obesity if this wasn't a problem. So eat your veggies and get moving.

I'm done orating for the day. I am very tired. My back doesn't like me. I have had a lot of pain for the last few days and didn't sleep well. This may lead to an appearance of my inner b*tch. But since we are getting a big snow storm today, I am going to work this morning and then will go to the gym and take a nap - the most productive thing to do when the choice is being crabby.

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Karen said...

I am new to your blog and love your insight! I especially enjoy your links to other sites. Very good and informative. Thanks for sharing!

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