Saturday, February 27, 2010

An attempt to be less whiney

I was thinking (sorry I know I shouldn't) and reread my recent posts and decided that I have been rather whiney recently, possibly even more than normal, if that is possible. Today my goal (and my husband will cheer when he hears this) is to be less whiney.

Admittedly my life has had its ups and downs recently and I am attempting to deal in a sane manner. I am glad to say that my husband is clearly on the road to improvement, which is important because one of us needs to be healthy. But my health is still struggling. Again. My ankle is not happier. The physical therapist nurse I saw on Monday about my arm suggested I step up my exercises of my ankle to see about rehabbing it or just have the surgery and not wait because I really should be concerned about falling. Feel the cheery rays of sunshine bouncing off me at the idea of more surgery. And all these exercises are taking up too much of my time each day. (And I rebelled and didn't do any of my exercises last night - hah! Because I didn't feel like it! Hah!)

I spoke to the back doctor's office Thursday and yesterday. They refilled my meds for break through pain and then said they would be back in touch about scheduling another injection in my right SI joint. This will probably take a couple of weeks to schedule but that's okay. However the nurse told me that the doctor is running out of things he can do for me. Great. Thanks.

I am still waiting to hear from the physical therapist nurse about a lymphedema sleeve which means I'll have to go back on Thursday to get fitted. A fashion accessory I can live without.

Wait, I'm sorry I'm supposed to be less whiney. Here's an attempt. The cat got more good medical news yesterday. The vet called and said she spoke to some other vets and nutritionists about him. Basically they don't know what is wrong with him. There is one last thing to be ruled out (Addison's disease which is very rare in cats but possible) so we go for a last fasting blood test on Monday morning. In the meantime he can have regular dry food again, including higher fat kitten food, and treats, in an attempt to reverse his weight loss (but I'll be happy to give him a few pounds if that would help).

Okay, so I'm not too cheery today. But this morning we (yes Walter has agreed to go with me) are going for a walk. Then I am getting a manicure and pedicure. I think screaming bright pink would be good. That's cheery. Then I get to do laundry. That's not. I give up. I'll go drink more coffee.

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WhiteStone said...

Coffee is always good! I'm headed there right now!

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