Friday, March 13, 2015

Lymphedema sleeve and all

Yesterday I had a (not so fun) back procedure. As my arm has been acting up, I wore my lymphedema sleeve on my left arm. I am going to the lymphedema clinic in another week or so and will keep wearing my sleeve.

But I digress. I got there and got checked in and changed into a lovely hospital gown and robe - they make them ugly so people don't steal them. The nurse took my vitals after getting me settled in a big comfy chair. Even though I was wearing my sleeve she asked if she could use my left arm for blood pressure. Really? But she did put the IV into my right arm without questions

Then when I got positioned on the table with my back (and the bright red underwear I wore on purpose) exposed for the procedure, they needed to hook up heart electrodes on my chest as well as oxygen in my nose, and blood pressure, O2 sensor, and start the IV on my left arm. A student nurse asked if all three could be done on one arm and the other nurse said yes.

The procedure went well. It should help with my back issues. It was painful to have but it should really be beneficial once it heals up. Before it, I could barely stand for ten minutes before my back started to hurt. This morning, I slept late and it didn't hurt at all until I walked downstairs to feed the cat.

I have a love-hate relationship with my sleeves. I really dislike wearing them all the time. It will start to annoy me when either the little silicone disks cause a rash on my arm or I start to get a tan line on my wrist. (Both have happened in the past.) In addition, its a reminder about cancer - sort of like wearing your heart on your sleeve, you wear a sleeve for your cancer.

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