Friday, March 20, 2015

Some portions normal

Yesterday I had one of those oh-so-fun medical adventures at the hospital to follow up on some symptoms. I was chatting with the technician during the test and at the end, I asked her if I was normal (for the test results) and she said 'some of it was normal'. What that means is that the doctor has to go read it and figure out what parts of it were normal, what was due to previous known issues and what is a concern.

For once, can't I just be normal and have normal test results? I think I would need to be healthy for that.

But anyway the doctor should have the results today and if I don't hear from her by next week I can call and get them. But I can also just swing by the medical records department and pick up a copy of the results next week. (I am a big fan of the medical records department since I have learned that I can go there at any time and get test results or appointment notes whenever I want.)

[I'll provide more information on the actual test and results sometime later when I know more. And its nothing that significant.}

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