Friday, June 17, 2011

How we really eat.

We have our new recommendations on eating right that came out at the beginning of the month. But now real American's have put their slant on it. How we really eat. Face it we are creative.

This is what I will eat today. My breakfast plate will consist of coffee (half decaf with skim milk), a piece of fruit, egg beaters and toast. My lunch plate will be left over Chinese food of brown rice and chicken with peanuts and vegetables. My dinner plate will be salad and chicken quesadillas - which will have onions, scallions, chicken, salsa, and cheese.

Somewhere in there will be a little chocolate too. Maybe I'll have left over Chinese for breakfast and have a sandwich for lunch.

I don't know. I hate following the rules. I like to eat what I like. Everyone has their own version of what they like to eat. We just need to use some common sense and skip the junk.

A friend was telling me her sister was on food stamps and she couldn't buy prepared anything. She had to buy ingredients and make things. I thought that was a great idea. Too bad food stamps don't come with cooking lessons.

I think the people who make up these rules assume a couple things about us:

1. We all know how to cook. Not true. I can cook. I know other people who don't.

2. We follow the rules. We don't. People do eat things like Poptarts and cake.

3. People have time to prepare meals. Not true. How many times have you grabbed what you could and ate it in your car on the way to some place you had to be.

4. We plan our meals and then we actually eat what we planned. Nope. I may have left over Chinese for breakfast instead of my planned healthy meal. Its not even 7am and I'm making changes.

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