Monday, December 5, 2011

Speaking of viruses and colds

Last week at work, there were two co-workers who didn't miss a day but both obviously had a cold. Their claim was that since they had been sick for a few days they were no longer contagious. The rest of us thought they shouldn't be there. I sneezed a few times last week. This morning I woke up with a cold. Grrr... As a result, this is one of my more uninspired posts so feel free to skip it if you are bored.

There are things in common between a cold and cancer. There isn't a cure for either. There are also risk factors for a cold as there are for cancer. I do try to minimize my risk factors. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, exercise, take vitamins. (That sounds like the same as for cancer.)

Colds don't necessarily do you in but they do make you feel like crap for a few days. And I have a lot going on and can't afford take any time off from work - the downside of part time work is no sick pay. Its not just financial its that I have a lot to do that has deadlines. I also have meetings two nights this week that I really should go to - they are for my other job. I will not go to work or the gym today or tomorrow. Last week was my first week back on the track of three times a week at the gym. I guess I am back down to two trips this week and it has barely started.

I saw a news article recently about how to avoid getting sick - but now as I am ready to write about it I cant find it anywhere. They included things like avoiding sick people, washing your hands regularly, etc.

I did just look up the difference between a cold and a virus/flu. Basically a cold is centered in your nose and a virus/flu makes you feel bad all over. So far its my nose and throat and a general feeling of crap. But it does give me an excuse to spend the day in sweats, catching up on reality TV on the DVR and drink a lot of herbal tea with honey. I think I have some home made soup in the freezer too. But hey its not cancer. So I'll just suck it up and whine my way through it.

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Renn (The Big C and Me) said...

Feel better! I caught a virus before my surgery last week. Was feeling rundown for 2 days prior. Came home and BAM, fever and achy blah. On top of anesthesia and healing — SO not fun! Feel your pain.
Hope you found that soup.

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