Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not a political post

This is not a political post but I admit it is slanted towards politics. We are all aware of how our elected representatives in both houses of Congress have been playing a long game of 'its my way or the highway' and end up at cliff hanger votes at the last minute. Well these lovely leaders are at it again. The payroll tax vote was rejected by the Senate and they went home until after the first of the year. Why am I blogging about the payroll tax vote? I am not.

I am blogging about the fact that tied in with that vote are several other issues including the unemployment extension, some stupid pipeline thing and the 650,000 doctors who treat medicare patients are facing steep drops in compensation on January 18. That is what I care about. I am ignore all the other crap tied in with this one vote that is the current holiday stale fruitcake that will be left to kicked in to a corner somewhere in January. (I do realize that there are a lot of people affected by the other things tied in with the vote who are also stressed - I do acknowledge their issues but they are outside the realm of my blog.)

People who rely on Medicare are now stressed and worried through their holidays because the politicians are idiots and only care about their own egos than then people they represent. "The “vote seriously destabilizes Medicare, and causes anxiety for physicians and seniors who depend on it,’’ said Lynda Young, Massachusetts Medical Society president, in a statement yesterday."

If there is a backlog in processing claims because the vote is not taken, the Medicare computers will likely crash causing even more problems. Too bad the politicians don't remember that the seniors who use Medicare are the most likely to vote. But this isn't a political post.

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