Friday, April 20, 2012

Not one but ten different diseases

In case you missed it here and here and here and I am sure many other places there was a new study that found that breast cancer is actually a group or a 'clutch' of ten different diseases. This means that by looking at the genetic markers in your tumor, doctors can treat you better and are better able to predict your survival rate. This is a big breakthrough and I am sure the media needed to post it in millions of places online so that we are sure to read it (but it hasn't been turned into one of those stupid slide shows yet). I am not the first to blog about it, Stephanie beat me to it.

But I am happy about it. It represents a giant leap of progress and will lead to more personalized medicine instead of the slash and burn approach used now. This goes back to the people's principle. It may not help me much but will help others.

Now we just need cures for the ten different diseases, not just the one. Big sigh.

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