Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Komen hoop-lah

Komen for the Cure has announced that their founder and president, Nancy Brinker, and another key executive are stepping down. Its about time. While I laud Komen for what they have done over the years to raise awareness for breast cancer. I do not appreciate the pinkification, the ensuing frivolization of breast cancer with the collateral save the ta-tas and other silly names, and all the funds spent on legal defense of 'for the cure' and bad PR agencies.

I hope this leads to change in the organization where perhaps they can return to the original roots of raising money for research. This is a good idea. But it can be done with more seriousness and less pink.

By pinkifying everything and making breast cancer 'fun' and 'cute', creating legions of teams to save the ta-tas or jugs or second base or whatever they want to call them. Why do we allow people to use these terms to describe women's anatomy? Would you let your child use those terms? Probably not as they are slang and derogatory.

Breast cancer is a serious disease and we must not let us paint it pink and pretend its not.

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AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

I am RIGHT there with you! We are going to be the group that sees things change. We just have to get a good plan going. I believe we can do it...

So SO glad I found another kindred spirit!

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