Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Accident update

Here's the damage. There is a possibility the car is not totaled but the garage says its borderline. I had a very busy day yesterday dealing with the accident details.

I went over to the garage where the car was towed with the intent of cleaning out anything of value and seeing if I could find my driver's license and eye glasses. My purse dumped out so I thought my license might be there. The airbag blew my glasses off so I was wearing a spare pair. When I arrived there the man who towed my car told me the other driver was arguing with the police when he was towing the cars.

I packed up all sorts of stuff in the car - my Aruba ice scraper, about $5 in change, mittens, hat, shovel, maps, CDs, etc. I found my glasses under the seat of the car. Then I realized I forgot my phone so I couldn't take a picture. I decided I would have to come back. My drivers license was no where to be found.

Then I went to the police station to pick up the report. The woman noted that it was very long. The part about me, driver 1, was brief. I was driving down the road and the other car pulled out in front of me and we collided and I was taken to the hospital.

The part about the other driver went on and on. She changed her story. She argued with the police that it was my fault. She told the police I needed to take responsibility for my actions. Her husband showed up and told the police how the accident happened (even though he wasn't there) and argued with the police some more. Then he wanted to know where I was and what hospital I was in and how I was doing. They had to explain the HIPAA laws to him twice. Driver 2 was cited for failure to yield and not having a drivers license with her.

I called our insurance company who said that if she was cited she would probably be at fault. And that not only do we have collision insurance we have medical coverage that will take care of all the medical bills incurred in my fun evening at the hospital. Yippee!

Her insurance company then called me. Driver 2 argued with her insurance company as well. I had to send them the police report. I like the part that she wants me to take responsibility for my actions and she keeps arguing with everyone that its not her fault.

Then I decided to go back to the car to take a picture of it, get the last of the CDs out of the console and find my glasses that I had put down while I was there. Stupid me.

I decided since my license was really missing, I would apply for a duplicate online. Then my husband came home and realized he had forgotten that the police had given my license to him - they must have found it in the car. Grr.

Lastly, the appraiser called last night and he is going to look at the car today and will let us know if its totalled.

Today I will also stop by the hospital and see if I can get a copy of my CT scan report to read the gory details about the arthritis in my neck. I still have a fat lip and some muscle aches and pains - in addition to my normal pains but am doing okay.

One last note is that when they took me to the hospital, I was wearing clean underwear which was bright pink and matched the polish on my toes which was visible through the hole in my sock.


tccomments2013 said...

dear caroline,

oy vey - i am so sorry about your accident, but very glad that you weren't injured more severely. good news that you have such good coverage both with the car and with the medical care.

but, please - do all you are able to be good to yourself in the next few days; you have had a shock and suffered trauma. i've found an epsom salt soaking bath can ease any aches, pains, or bruising.

love, xoxo,

karen, TC

Anonymous said...

get a good lawyer and sue her. her insurance company will offer you a settlement and you'll get some cash.

Jim's Girl said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're OK. Whew! Take good care of yourself in the coming days. It is a lot to deal with.

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