Saturday, March 9, 2013

A doctor question.

Here is an interesting question. A woman wants additional treatment for her husband who is failing rapidly from cancer. She thinks there must be something more that can be done. But the doctor knows there isn't really anything left to prolong his life.

I am sure oncologists and other doctors are put into this position by well meaning family members countless times. There is a point where the treatment of the patient extends to the family members, especially the primary caregivers. They do not want to lose their loved one and are grasping at straws for anything to save their life.  

The article I liked to is from the physician's point of view - what should they do? Where do they draw the line? How do they keep the patient as comfortable as possible and keep the family members happy?

It is a tough question. I would not have to be the one to have to answer this. I can also see me being the one grasping at straws and asking the doctor isn't there something else to try?

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