Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Don't Heal

Part of one of the many 'joys' in my life is that my body heals very slowly. When you have RA or other auto-immune disease your treatment often includes a immune suppressor, such as Methotrexate. I get a weekly injection of it (courtesy of my husband). It suppresses my immune system so am very vulnerable to germs and heal slowly. A cold doesn't go away in a few days, it can take a few weeks and can result in ear infections and other 'fun' ailments.

A few examples: I have this stupid ass wart on my foot that the doctor froze off September 1. Of course it turned into a big blister but is it healed yet? No. Its only 49 days later and its not healed. It still has a scab covering an open area on the top of my foot. I was supposed to have a follow up today but I cancelled it because there is no point. 49 days, that would be 7 weeks in normal speak, and I am not healed.

I had a periodontal deep cleaning almost three weeks ago. I went for a follow up last week and it was barely healed. And I had an area that was starting to cause new problems that the dentist had to lean up.

My husband had a cold last week which he nicely shared with me. I am still sick. I have been skipping my methotrexate shots in hope that I will heal faster but it doesn't seem to have made a difference.

This also can make a difference with any 'fun' medical 'misadventure'. Recovery can be slow.

Today I feel like crap still. I really would like to go to the gym and burn off some flab after traveling and eating badly for two weeks. But I am still not sure. I feel okay for a bit and then not as well. I debate - do I stay in bed or do I pretend I am healthy and go to the gym? 


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