Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Post Cancer Survivorship

So Becky over at BC Becky blogged about developing her post cancer survivorship plan. (Personally, I hate the S word but will suffer through it for this blog post, using it as Becky's word not mine.) Other people call it their new 'normal'. I have found it very elusive. And basically think its a crock of sh*t. However this morning I started thinking (which is dangerous) while reading Becky's post.

I have no way of reaching a new normal because I was living my new normal, post cancer since 1981. I have no way of knowing what it would be like to be an adult without cancer since I was 19 and in college at my first diagnosis.

I always forget this. I am not sure how I am capable of forgetting this. I think I keep going on the bandwagon of let's find our new normal. But I was already living the post cancer 'new normal'. This begs the question is it possible to reach a 'new normal' for a second time?

Along with hating the S word I also have a problem with the blankety-blank 'new normal' concept. But in this case, I may have found the reason why I hate this so much because I have been living it all along.

So this begs the question, what would I be like without cancer? I have no idea because I never really had the change. So you are stuck with me and my post cancer self.

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