Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yes I Do Have Back Pain In The Middle of My Back

Yesterday I went back to my pain management nurse practitioner yesterday. I felt like it was pulling teeth to get her to admit that there might be an additional source of pain in the thoracic area if my spine (that's the middle part - lumbar is the lower part, cervical is the upper part including your neck).

She saw my x-rays which my rheumatologist pointed out to me as showing possible sources of pain. She didn't think they could be causing that much pain. She did push on my back to see if it hurt (how thoughtful of her). She nearly pushed me across the room as she pressed on my spine. Yes it hurt. A lot.

Finally she agreed to recommend that I have an MRI on my spine to see if anything had changed in nearly 8 years. Its about time.

I keep saying I get new areas of pain and pain management seems to want to prescribe medication to me and give me injections. They never seem to want to look at the areas that might be causing pain. Whenever I say there is new pain, I get these responses "its your fibromyalgia in that area", "its referred pain from this other pain", "there isn't pain in that area".

I think that there is new pain obviously and finally they are going to look at what is going on in my back. At first the nurse practitioner wanted me to come back and see her after the MRI, but then she said I should see the doctor himself and see if he can do trigger point injections there to resolve the pain.

So now I have the date for my MRI (after Thanksgiving), do I want to call my pain management doctor or do I want to try a different pain management doctor to look at the results? A dilemma for sure.

In the meantime, I am sitting down because my back is hurting a lot in the middle where I have been telling them about.

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Agnes Lawson said...

It's amazing how hard you need to advocate for yourself with your medical professionals sometimes! I am glad that you continued and are getting an MRI. Hopefully it will show the source of your pain. I hope that things will go better for you with your doctor from here on out as well. Good luck!

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

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