Sunday, June 25, 2017

Standing Up For Myself

I have to learn that standing up for myself again.... I have to do better with that word 'no' again. There is only so much of me - not the flabby part (I have plenty of that) - my physical abilities are what is limited. I have to be careful on what I do and how much I do.

For example, I am slowly learning not to be the perfect hostess who  jumps up to help anyone who asks a question while in our house. I just can't. If I jump up for every request, I won't have any energy left. If its a good friend who wants a corkscrew, I am happy to say it is in the top drawer of the side board... If its not that close a friend, I am happy to hand them the corkscrew and let them open their own wine.

I am also learning to use the word 'no' again. If someone wants me to go some place, I need a good reason to go with them. Basically, do I really want to go. For example, if someone wants to go shopping for one of the following items, I will be happy to go, for a short while: used clothing, yarn, or plants. If its for something else, I need a good reason to go with them. I have to decide basically if its worth the effort on my part. Its amazing how something little, like out to lunch, can take a lot out of me.

My best remedy for doing to much is lying in bed. This morning I finally got out of bed at 1145AM. I did go to bed around 945PM. So that's only 14 hours of rest. We did have a few friends over for dinner last night and I probably spent too much time getting ready. But that long lying down made me feel like a new(er) person. Today I have finally made it to my computer at 1pm. I will be lazy the rest of the day as I plan on how I will use the word 'no' this week.

I really have to get better at standing up for myself.

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