Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trying not to stress

I am trying not to stress out and think about being hungry and the CAT is not helping. (Today he is clearly Walter's cat.) We were sitting there calmly reading the paper. The cat was downstairs inside the front doorway where he likes to look out. We heard a sound like the screen door opening and guess who came running up stairs with a LIVE chipmunk in his mouth??? Walter dispatched him safely outside after a minor skirmish on the stairs. How did the cat catch the chipmunk if he was inside? No chipmunk would come inside the entry, although he could fit through the space under the door, with the cat sitting there. I really doubt we have chipmunks living inside! Maybe he ran by outside and a little paw slipped out and grabbed him. The door was shut but not latched. Hmmmm..... One of life's little mysteries.

Just a little diversion. I did find the note telling me what part of Lahey I need to be at- now that's helpful! Off to Lahey now that I am just healed from the last surgery!

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