Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uneven shoulders

Yesterday, in an effort to get back in shape after sitting around for 2 weeks, I went for a walk around 7pm. As I was walking east on the bike path with the sun behind me, I noticed my shoulders are now uneven. No, not Quasimodo uneven, but it looks like I have a shoulder pad on one side and not the other. Just a weird side effect. I would think I will even out again... My shoulder feels stiff so maybe it will loosen up - two surgeries in two and 1/2 weeks might make anything a little stiff and sore. I also made it through yesterday with no pain medication - even advil - but already today I have taken some. But I actually slept most of last night.

Today, I want to go for a longer walk and ignore my uneven shadow. Also, I will try to remember to do my exercises twice a day... (Oops, I forgot to do them all last night...)

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