Sunday, July 15, 2007

What to blog about

Sometimes I think I have nothing to say in my blog. Do I repeat myself? Am I boring all you readers? It could be like Seinfeld - about nothing. Hmmm...

Well lets see, yesterday was so exciting. I did my exercises to regain arm mobility twice (like a good girl), I slept until 830 (very late for me), a friend came over with banana muffins, helped me weed and then we went to Penzeys and out to lunch, she went and got more Advil for me when I needed it, I watched a movie - Jesse Stone based on a Robert Parker book, we had cheeseburgers for dinner, and I beat Walter at scrabble. Oh, and the cat threw up in the living room. (Possibly TMI - sorry!) Was that exciting? Not really.

See, having cancer isn't interesting! It can be really boring just like real life. Nothing new. No Dr apt until Tuesday. My drain and incision hurt less than the nerves reawakening on the back of my arm. Life goes on.

PS The cat is looking for another chipmunk still. This may be his version of Waiting for Godot.

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