Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doctors need to pay attention to their scripts

I went off to the ankle doctor for what I thought was the last time. (Mental note: eat lunch first to prevent crabbiness in doctor's offices.) I also was very stupid. BRING IN YOUR BOOK! I didn't bring in my book and it took me an hour to get out of there. Stupid me. If you bring your book you never get a chance to read it. If you don't bring your book, you sit there forever. And it was a new wing on the hospital that just opened so they didn't have a lot of magazines. No TV. Just big windows on the shopping mall parking lot.

Anyway, I digress. This was supposed to be my last ankle doctor visit and today is my last PT visit. But she said that if my ankle is still sore in two months - which would be six months from the flash of stupidity that caused me to look over my shoulder while walking - then I need to have an MRI and further discussions. However if it is fine and I can live with it (meaning it probably won't get much better), I can feel free to cancel the appointment. I really want to be able to cancel it.

I am glad that this morning is my last PT visit. I mean he's a nice guy and the exercises help but this 730 am stuff is killing me. I need to be there at 730 which means leave at 7 which means get up by 545 so I can take my pill and wait an hour before eating. I should get a whole list of exercises to do so maybe I won't have to go back to the ankle doctor if I am really good about doing them.

So last night I went to bed thinking I have to get up on time, I have to get up on time, I have to get up on time. Walter is off this week so he is only getting up because I get up. (But he said he will go to the grocery store for me this morning - for the quick last trip for the third time.) So I woke up and it was dark. I looked at the clock and thought it said 615 which meant I overslept. I said 'oh BLEEP' and woke up Walter. Then I took a second look at the clock and it said 115. So I said 'oh BLEEP' again and tried to go back to sleep.

Then the alarm clock went off and I got up (with a moderate amount of whining), took my pill, hopped in the shower, and am wasting time online until I can eat breakfast and rush out the door. I was just informed I need to get my butt in gear too. So perhaps its time to get dressed etc.

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