Thursday, November 5, 2009

Working on this time change thing

I am a person who likes consistency - I resent change and can be quick to drag my feet when it interferes with my personal life - especially something like sleep. Twice each year I go through a few days of messed up sleep patterns. I can handle overseas business trips with multi-hour time changes much better than I can deal with a one hour shift. I am still adapting to this time change thing this week. The result is crabbiness for the duration. But I have the following complications on which I am blaming all my lack of sleep.

- The cat gets lots of blame. His stomach is set for 530 am in the old time which would be 430 am in the new time. So guess who comes up and does laps around the bed and walks on my nose (yes, twice this morning) and generally is annoying and usually gets dumped off a few times? He's very conducive to lack of sleep.

- The clock gets lots of blame. Yes really. Several years ago my husband gave me a projecting clock which is satellite controlled. Its great. You wake up in the middle of the night and just by looking up, you can see what time it is. And it has a battery back up for those pesky power outages. None of this rolling over and squinting business, its in nice big numbers directly overhead. But when the time changed, it didn't (I think it doesn't know about the new DST dates or something). I woke up Sunday morning all confused. Was it new time or old time? Did it automatically switch? It didn't. So I pulled out the plug and the battery and hoped it would reset. It didn't. It kept the old time. So I repeated the plug/battery exercise and waited a few minutes. It started at 0:00. And it said it was receiving information. I figured it would reset. That was on Monday. It didn't reset. I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would say 8:05 or something that was obviously incorrect. It wasn't helpful. Last night I woke up and it said 4:23. Did it reset itself yet to correct time? I couldn't tell and wasn't going to figure it out in the middle of the night. But I was awake. Very aggravating.

- My husband gets some blame too. Because of the lack of sleep issues, I have developed a tendency to fall asleep while watching TV. Last night I fell asleep about 845 on the couch in front of the TV. My husband woke me up. I thought I had slept all night. I was groggy and out of it. I was ready to rush around and get ready to go to PT. Then I realized it was 1010pm and time for bed. My husband thought it was very funny that I thought it was morning and says if he had realized this he would have said things like 'hurry up, or you'll be late'. (Thank you DEAR!)

So here I am this morning after sleeping from 845-1010, 1030 to some unknown time, a slightly later unknown time to 430 (thanks kitty), and then probably 5-6... Where's my eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? I don't know but it better return soon. This was a night that my back wasn't hurting so I should have slept. Grrr....

Once I adapt, I get to repeat the whole thing again in April. Triple grrr...

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Debby said...

The husband's comments were pretty funny stuff. They do enjoy themselves, don't they? After a day of changing the clocks in the house, I went to bed. I got up the next morning, took a shower, made my coffee. Finally sunk in that Tim was not awake. Suddenly it occurred to me. I had not changed my own alarm clock. I'd gotten up at 4 AM.