Monday, November 2, 2009

I Survived Pinktober!

I survived Pinktober again. I think I should get a little gold star for not buying anything that was pinked. (And I guess it is nice to say again meaning that I am still here.) I think its interesting how the whole pink marketing machine, which is based on efforts by the Susan B. Komen Foundation, actually has created so much anti-pinkism. The Komen foundation is a worthy cause. They have done amazing things with fund raising for breast cancer research, bringing breast cancer, and other cancers, out of the closet so to speak, and creating support for men and women with breast cancer.

But the whole pink tidal wave is now officially out of control. If you google 'pink for breast cancer' you will find: the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Shop, Pink Ribbon Inc, Komen's Passionately Pink for a Cure, The Breast Cancer Site, and my favorite, Think Before You Pink. I have seen NFL players with pink helmets, pink utensils, pink clothing, pink throw blankets, pink posters, buildings lit up pink, pink baby crawls, pink everything. But does all this pink solve the problem, give us the cure? No. Why doesn't the NFL take all the money it took to make pink helmets and donate it to cancer research? If they didn't pay for them, whoever donated them should take the money and give it to cancer research. How about all the electricity to light up buildings in pink? Take the electric bill money and give it to cancer research. Don't buy a pink utensil, give the money directly to research. Well, if you need a utensil and like the pink one, then okay buy it....

Anyway you see my point. There is so much money spent on making non-essential things pink and the money could be spent directly on cancer research and be much more effective.

Enough rambling for this morning. Due to the time change, I am up way too early. But apparently not early enough for the cat as he was doing laps around the bed for over an hour. We have to train him to adapt. One hour difference and his schedule is all messed up. Today I have to work from home and go for a walk before going to work. Then off to physical 'does it hurt when I contort your ankle this way' therapy and maybe Walter makes dinner.


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ladyashely said...

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