Friday, November 20, 2009


The end of a long week. Walter had the luck to start with fillings in his teeth, a burn on his tongue from the drill, and a business trip. But its ending a day early so he got to take the red eye home last night. He will get here approximately 30 minutes after I have to leave for work.

I had a long week too: Monday was work, Tuesday was work, Wednesday was waiting for mechanics and doctors in waiting rooms, Thursday was work, Friday is work. I also fit in fun things like walks, and grocery shopping, and picking up prescriptions - three times already this week. I am tired. My back hurts. (Have I mentioned that before?) I have to take the trash out this morning. They say put it out by 7 am. We have had ours picked up before 730 so they are serious here.

I am sure my back will hurt some more today but these lovely lidocaine patches are awesome. I will have to start hoarding them. (But wait, if I don't use them and hoard them I'll be in pain which is why I have them, but if I hoard them for that possible 'in case I need them more time' in the future, I can't use them now. Or there is plan B. Use them now and beg doctors in the future for more if necessary.) I talked to too many doctors this week and have to sort out what they all said.

I think I need a weekend to digest this week. But wait, that starts tomorrow!

And the phone just rang, Walter is at the airport about to jump in a cab home so he can take out the trash and give the cat his shot. The day is looking up already.

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