Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waiting room redux

Yesterday I got to spend quality time in several waiting rooms - I feel so privileged. First I took the car for an oil change to the dealership which is now halfway through a VERY long renovation. The waiting room is new, sterile, and has a giant TV set which is a cross from a single row of chairs and no daylight. We got to watch Walker Texas Ranger (and since I missed the first ten minutes, it took me until the very end to figure out the convoluted plot twists with all the bad hair) and sit in a single row. They needed more chairs.

From there, I went to see my oncologist but before I got there, I took a little detour into the seasonal flu clinic and got to sit in a minuscule waiting area for about 15 seconds and admire the passing cars outside. There was a wall of windows so there was lots of daylight. I wasn't there long enough to have any deep thoughts.

My next stop was the oncologists waiting room. It doesn't matter that its a lovely new wing on the hospital and there is a wall of windows leading to a hallway with another wall of windows to the outside, you still feel like you are underground some how. They upgraded last year and now there is a giant flat screen TV - even bigger than at the car dealer - which was on the Game Show Network at a loud volume. It was hard to hear names being called over the volume. I saw the nurse, I saw the doctor and then got to go sit in the waiting room a bit before going back in for blood work.

Finally freed, I wandered around and healthily bought a bowl of fruit in the cafeteria - after eying the cookies for which I had a craving - I proceeded to the seating area which is really a giant waiting area. Most patients are there killing time before the next appointment. Its a lovely sun filled room - filled with the setting sun at a low angle that you need sunglasses on to avoid - or you could find a single chair behind a big pillar and sit in the cool shadow.

From there, it was finally time to go to see my prescribing therapist (psychiatrist/psychologist I can never keep them straight). That is the very plain somewhat dumpy room with no TV, lots of plants, lots of magazines, lots of chairs, and windows to a quiet parking lot. There was no streaming sunshine, no screaming television, and I got to read my book in peace. Then a miracle happened - she called me ten minutes early!

I was finally done and did a quick bit of shopping before meeting a friend for dinner. I happily settled into my living room for the evening with no screaming TV, no names being called, and windows only onto the front lawn. Peace and quiet.

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