Friday, November 6, 2009

I really was trying to be a good person

I mean I do try to be a good person but there are always the times we aren't - when we make a nasty face or rude gesture toward the rude customer service person on the phone who can't see you but you still feel better because you did. But yesterday I tried to be good.

First I was driving to PT at my early morning hour and an electricians panel truck pulled out on the road in front of me with one of his back doors gaping wide open. My first thought was to hang back in case anything fell out. But then I noticed the phone number on the back of the truck so I gave them a quick call. The man on the phone was very appreciative and said he would call the truck right away. While we were speaking, he hit a bump and the door sort of shut. I don't know if it was shut all the way but it was no longer gaping open. So maybe I didn't need to call. But the truck did pull over and the driver hopped out to check it.

After returning from my morning of lets see what makes your ankle hurt, I decided to go for a walk. While walking, I met a nice orange cat who sort of had that rumpled look from too many nights on the streets. But he seemed decently fed so I didn't think much of it. Then I crossed a busy road and cut through a park and there was a sign with his picture and the words 'Lost Cat' with a phone number. I immediately called. They sounded somewhat hopeful and said they would go off to find him.

I went into work and told my co-worker about my morning's adventures and she said she knew them and their lost cat. She called them as well and now I have a cell phone number to call in case I find the cat again. His name is Dandy and he has been missing since August! So I will definitely keep a look out for him.

So I tried to be a good person yesterday but did fail miserably in the exercises department. I started my morning back exercises but the phone rang and I forgot to go back and finish them. By the time I got home from work last night, I said I need to do my back exercises but never got that far. I am remiss. But this morning I have done my back exercises and will next do my ankle exercises so I can go off to work.

I have a shortish day of work as then I am going up to the mountains for a girls weekend. It will be a small group and include a five year old and a new cat for mouse patrol. But we will have fun and that's the important part. I am leaving Walter here with a big list of things to do to keep him out of trouble (too many computer games) while I am gone.

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