Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Holiday Miracle - Or Am I Confused

I think my brain is returning. Can it be possible? Have I settled in to my recent lack of brain or has my recently changed medication levels helped? All I know is I feel like I can think again these days. Now my husband would argue that I shouldn't think and plan and do things like that because it usually results in work for him. But I enjoy being able to remember what I was going to do five minutes ago, most of the time. Now I will not say my brain is completely returned (or that I am completely sane) but I do feel better.

So last week I had my doctor visits. I met with my new oncologist - who is much younger than me and made me feel like an old fart. However, she spent half an hour talking to me (yes a doctor who communicates) before examining me. So here's the deal. She thinks I am doing okay - which is always good. I asked her if I should ever go to an endocrinologist because of the thyroid cancer thingy. I went to the conference recently for thyroid cancer survivors and everyone talked about going to an endo and I haven't been to one in YEARS. Possibly 15, but probably more like 10. I asked her if I ever should and she said yes. Therefore I get another new doctor! Yippee, yahoo. NOT!

Then we talked about tamoxifen vs. going on an Aromatase Inhibitor which are the new hormonal things to take after breast cancer for post menopausal women (or should I say chemopausal women - thank you chemo! NOT!). She said she would like me to switch in six months but wants a bone density scan as a baseline then. I was already scheduled for one because I am osteopenic but apparently AIs are hard on your bones too so I will need to be monitored (oh, joy! NOT!). So I get to go back and see her in six months.

Then she answered all my other questions about aches and pains and backs and mets and all sorts of other issues and basically said I am normal and after cancer treatment you get the additional joy and privilege of post treatment pain for years. Also, its a good thing she's young because I get to see her regularly for the next three years and then yearly for life.

Finally, I say the meds prescribing therapist (psychologist/psychiatrist I can't remember) and she agreed to cut back my dose of anti depressants to half. This is perhaps why my brain has returned. I am not sure. The jury is still out on this but I can think somewhat again.

Today is Sunday. You knew that you have calendars too. I have to make one last ditch run to the grocery store for the things I forgot to buy but need before Thanksgiving. I will do that now before the hoards descend. Then walk with a friend later and out to dinner for my parents 53rd wedding anniversary.

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