Sunday, November 1, 2009

Special deals

So yesterday I went on a mini yard sale spree. I sometimes do yard sales and some times skip them. Yesterday I heard about one where someone was selling lots of women's clothes in sizes that might fit me so off I went. But driving there was a sign, sending me up a steep hill to a multi family yard sale. There were six or seven homes with items for sale. I got some deals. I saw two nice quilts - and we had recently discovered we have a blanket shortage for house guests - which were a tiny price and have now been through my clothes washer and are folded up in the basement. I also got a lead crystal vase. Then I went off to my original destination where I acquired a cashmere sweater for a pittance.

Then went went for a walk and conveniently ran into signs for an estate sale, which was right on our walk (I didn't know this before we started as my husband suspects) but there was a great deal on an antique mirror. Then we heard they were making everything half price today. It was half an hour before they closed up for the day yesterday and I plan on getting there this morning when it opens and see if I can get that mirror for $12.50 - its a lovely antique. I think 19th century.

But later on, I was perusing all sorts of information on CSA farm shares to plan for next year. My big dilemma has been finding one that does half shares for two people and delivers someplace locally. I do not want to drive an hour each way once a week for 21 weeks which you would get in a summer share. But yesterday I found a farm that does winter shares for November and December and delivers to a mile from home. I consulted with Walter and decided if its too many vegetables I will give some to family members but it is a good deal and nice organic produce... I have signed us up for two months of organic veggies (and possibly some maple syrup). Such a deal.

Such a day for deals...

Now I do have to comment about stupid people. I really hate it when I run into them. I just don't understand stupidity. We went out for a walk through a very residential area. No through streets, not really a cut through and there was all sorts of traffic coming and going. Then we were on a very little street and a red sports car pulled up and said 'how do I get to Route 2A?'. I asked him which way he wanted to go to Route 2A and he didn't care, as long as he got to Route 2A. Well, if he wanted to go West he was facing the wrong way but he wasn't listening so I sent him off the way he was going... Right into the big repaving project he was probably trying to avoid in the first place. But he had his red sports car and ego to protect so he didn't really care I don't think.

Now I have to run and see if I can get that mirror.

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