Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reunions are funny things

But first a bit of morning's entertainment:

I went to my 'ahem' several year high school reunion last night. There were all sorts of conversations about what everyone was doing since we graduated and about the ones who have died. One good friend died last year of pancreatic cancer. Another friend I found out had testicular cancer. A third had a brain tumor - don't know if it was benign or malignant. All this talk of cancer but did I talk about mine? No. I thought about it. Cancer should just be a blip in my life, not my whole life.

Anyway, there were people there who looked 30 and people who looked 70. There were people who looked the same as high school and probably could wear the same clothes. There were people who wore the same clothes as high school and were no longer that size. It was nice to see everyone but I can wait another 5 years for most of them. Life moves on. I ended up leaving relatively early because my back hurt. I guess that's what runs my life these days.

This morning we are off for a family breakfast and then a big walk before my brother and his family return home. Then perhaps it will be time for some house cleaning (eek) or some laundry (yuck).

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